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“I’ve discovered joy and strength in myself that I didn’t know were there. I feel stronger, happier and more steady. I take joy in movement now, though I used to hate exercise. Elizabeth manages to create a sense of unconditional love and acceptance, trust and respect, from the first time you meet her. She has a unique gift for this work and her skills are intensely restorative to the body, mind, and soul.”

“ When working with Elizabeth, I am able to be open and receptive to whatever wants to move energetically. I feel tremendously cared for and loved when in her hands. Remarkable the love seems to be much larger than her, to be simply flowing through her. So it is experienced as not dependent on her, and is then very hopeful and reassuring about living in this world.”

“I am learning to pay attention to my body, to stay connected with myself, to notice feelings as they come up. I accept myself more and like myself better. I highly recommend Elizabeth. Her work is wonderful, deep, gentle, accepting and nurturing in the ideal sense.”

“I now understand that this work is about developing my own internal compass and rudder. I no longer have to look to the outside to know who, what, and where I am.”

“My work with Elizabeth was a great support for me during chemotherapy. It was the only time that I felt able to relax and really be with myself. I often felt that I had to just turn my body, mind and spirit over to the medical profession just to get through the
treatment. The work with Elizabeth helped me to re-connect with those parts of myself and to remember who I really am. I felt whole again after each session.”

“Through my work with Elizabeth, I am able to reach a part of myself that I cannot acces by my mind alone. She facilitates my ability to reach the truth under the story. By being in my body on that level, I find that the work we do has had life changing effects.”

“Elizabeth embodies what is most essential in being a healer: a connection with her own process. This connection showed up in her work with me as a capacity to enter my experience with integrity and a deep sensitivity to what was true for me.  I felt safe because where I went within myself, there she was, guiding, encouraging and uncovering the movement necessary for growth and healing.”

“The changes I have noticed have left me lighter, more open to the unknown, feeling a greater sense of possibility in my life. In general I am more trusting of just being without needing to always be doing."

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